The app provides an API for external tools to access and process the generated results. This can be used in conjunction with the API from Canvas.

API keys

For access to the API an API Key is required. This key can be requested from the administrator of the app. An API key provides full access to one or more courses similar to the reviewer access and should therefor be kept secret from unauthorised users, like a password.

To use an API key, the key needs to be provided in an HTTP Authorization header on each request, like this:

Authorization: Api-Key 12345678.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Some endpoints are not available when using the API key authentication. These endpoints are all related to the Canvas app user interface and require an active user to operate.

API location and documentation

The API is accessible on the /lti/api uri on the app instance.

Live documentation of the API is available on the /lti/api-doc uri on the app instance.