Exporting data

The menu button on the assignment overview page contains the export actions:


Uploading scores to Canvas

Only teachers can upload scores to Canvas

Click the Upload scores to Canvas… option to open the score upload form:


The Section selector can be used to select the section for which the scores should be uploaded.

It is possible to only upload scores for accepted or failed submissions, or both. Use the first two options on the upload form to chose exactly which scores to upload. At least one of these options must be selected to continue.

The last option indicates whether submission for which a score is already available in Canvas should be uploaded again.

Click the Upload button to initiate the upload. A progress bar will be shown while the upload is in progress and Canvas processes the grades.

Export as CSV

The Export as CSV option generates a CSV file. This CSV file contains the results as visible for the submissions for the currently selected section(s).


The section to be exported can be selected using the Section selector.

The Field separators option can be used to select the field separator to use in the CSV file.

Export as PDF archive

The Export as PDF archive option is used to generate and download a zip archive containing a PDF file for each submission.


The section to be exported can be selected using the Section selector.

When the Include secret steps option is enabled, the secret steps will be included in the PDF. Only teachers can create an export containing the secret steps.

Background processing of export options

For all export options, clicking the Export or Upload button starts a background process and progress is shown. The Hide button can be used to close the popup and use Momotor in the mean time. The Cancel button cancels the background process. Cancel is not available for the Upload export.


When the background process is finished, this will be indicated on the menu with a notification dot, and the export option that finished will be highlighted with a status icon.