Release notes

Release notes have been published since the 2017.11 release. These notes contain the most important changes and fixes visible to end-users.

Release 2019.4

Released on April 15, 2019

  • Updated external dependencies

  • Internal optimizations

Release 2019.1

Released on January 29, 2019

  • Implemented interface to the new Momotor engine

  • Updated external dependencies

  • Internal optimizations

  • Documented browser compatibility

Release 2018.11

Released on November 1, 2018

  • CSV export now includes submission timestamps

  • Updated external dependencies

  • Internal optimizations

Release 2018.8

Released on August 20, 2018

  • Updated external dependencies

  • Internal optimizations


  • Better browser compatibility (most notably IE11)

Release 2018.4

Released on April 17, 2018

New features

  • Teachers and assistants can now review the results of earlier attempts. See Result details

  • A column has been added to the result overview for teachers and assistants. The type of data in this column can be chosen, it can show the number of attempts, time of submission, or time when processing the submission finished. See Viewing results

  • A summary has been added to the result overview, showing the total number of results in the view, number of passed and failed submissions and number submissions in intermediate states like processing and queued. See Viewing results

  • A new reevaluation processing mode has been added: ‘Re-evaluate submissions processed with older recipe or config’. See Processing mode: Pausing and re-evaluation


  • Fixed issues with non-latest Firefox browser

  • Stability and efficiency fixes

Release 2018.1

Released on January 23, 2018

New features

  • Results, including scores, can be uploaded to Canvas. See Uploading scores to Canvas

  • Selected section and sorting order are now remembered between sessions.

  • Result detail view now has more information about the status of the submission. The status is now also updated in real-time.


  • Client-side UI updated to latest libraries, various small UI tweaks and issues fixed

  • User selection has been re-enabled in the result detail view.

Release 2017.11

Released on November 6, 2017

New features

  • Added support for Canvas sections. When a course uses sections, the results overview can now be filtered on those selections. A reviewer can only see the results in the sections they are authenticated for.

  • When a Momotor recipe has an internal failure (eg. an exception in one of the steps), this is now indicated on the results overview and result detail pages. This information is only shown to reviewers.


  • Filename suffix removal removed too much in very specific cases

  • Submission files with non-ASCII characters were not correctly handled

  • There were some issues with the processing of submissions when there were jobs queued when a new recipe was uploaded, or a re-evaluation was requested

  • Results with extremely large reports would fail due to the XML parser rejecting large XML nodes

Other changes

The default Java version when using daemon2 compatible packages has been changed to Java 9. This affects all assignments that are configured using the config_java.xml configuration file. Use config_java8.xml to target Java 8.