I have created an assignment in Canvas, but it does not show up in Momotor.

Momotor can only process assignments of the Online submission types. It will not allow you to configure any other type of assignment. It is also not possible to configure assignments after the assignment has been locked or the course ended in Canvas, or the course is marked as archived in the app.

How will Momotor handle group assignments?

All group members will be able to view the results of submissions as if it was their own submission.

How long will a submission remain in the Queued or Processing states?

This depends on the current load of the system. For complex recipes, processing might take a long time.

Can students re-submit their work, for example if there was some compilation error?

Yes, Momotor will process new submissions in the same way.

When students re-submit some files Canvas appends a numerical suffix. Will these files still work with Momotor?

Momotor strips numerical suffixes from file names before processing the files. Note that it cannot differentiate between suffixes added by Canvas or by the users themselves, both will be stripped.

What are the system requirements to use Momotor with Canvas

The Momotor interface in Canvas has the same system requirements as Canvas itself. In short, it requires a modern web browser. The last two major versions of all major browsers are supported. See the full browser requirements on the Canvas site: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/doc-10720 Momotor does not require flash.