Viewing results

Results overview

To view the results of the processing of an assignment, click on the assignment in the assignments list. This will open the assignment result summary:


Each row in this list is the result of the Momotor processing of the latest submission attempt of the students. Only students that have submitted files for the selected assignment will be shown.

The first two columns indicate the student.

The third column can show three types of data: the number of submission attempts, the time of submission or the time of processing of the submission. The small menu button can be used to select the type of data shown in this column:


The summary column shows the current state of the submission, this consists of a state label and, if relevant, more information about that state.




The processing for this assignment has been paused. When processing is resumed this submission will be added to the queue.


The submission is queued for processing. Processing should commence soon.


The submission is currently being processed by Momotor.


The recipe returned a pass result.


The recipe returned a fail result.

Recipe error

The recipe had an error while processing the submission. This state is only shown to reviewers as it indicates an error with the configuration, not the submission. Students will see a Postponed state instead. The error in the configuration should be resolved in order for students to get proper feedback.

The score column lists the score as produced by the recipe.

The labels in the column headers can be clicked to sort the list on the contents of that column. When result states change or when new submissions are received, this list will update automatically.

The drop-down in the navigation bar on the top of the page can be used to quickly switch to another assignment or return to the main page.


The toolbar provides some actions and filtering options. Some of these actions are only available to teachers.

The Showing… drop-down can be used to limit the results shown to a single Canvas section.

The Export button can be used to export the data shown to a CSV file or upload scores to Canvas. The small section at the end of the export button shows a drop down menu with several more actions when clicked, eg. to configure the assignment or to upload scores to canvas

The (Refresh) button can be used to trigger an update of the assignment in Momotor. This is useful for situations where the assignment was recently modified in Canvas (eg. a deadline was changed). It’s usually not necessary to use the refresh button, Momotor will pick up changes to an assignment eventually.

The results summary widget left of the Showing… drop-down indicates the total number of results in the current view. Use the mouse to hover over the widget to get a count of submissions in various states:


Result details

To view individual student’s result details, click a result row. This will open the result details view:


The exact content and meaning of the details depends on the recipe.

By default the most recent submission attempt is shown, but by using the attempts drop-down in the navigation bar on the top of the page earlier attempts can be selected. Only attempts that were processed by Momotor are shown.

The other drop-downs in the navigation bar can be used to quickly switch between assignments and users.

Clicking the icon behind a student’s name opens the student’s information directly in Canvas, clicking the icon behind the submission attempt number and date opens a view with the files directly in Canvas.

To return to the summary page click the label between the assignment and user containing the section name in the the navigation bar on the top of the page, or use the browser’s back button.

Student view

For published assignments, students see views similar to the teacher’s views as described above, but only for their own submissions and - in case of an assignment with group submissions - the submissions for the group they are member of. The main view contains a list of assignments they submitted for and the summary and score columns. The detail view is mostly identical to the detail view of teachers, but (depending on the recipe setup) might hide some information that is labelled as secret, and only the most recent attempt is shown.